Energy efficiency case studies

Learn more about Climate Challenge Fund projects involving energy efficiency advice through video features and downloadable case studies.

The Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) has supported projects that have involved energy efficiency. These projects aim to reduce carbon emissions from energy use by working with households in their community to reduce energy use. Projects can help households install energy efficiency measures, promote locally sourced wood fuel, promote home renewable technologies and reduce energy consumption through behaviour change.

You can view video features and downloadable case studies of CCF projects involving energy efficiency below.

Forth Valley Communities for Conservation

Central Scotland Regional Equality Council's Forth Valley Communities for Conservation project helped Ethnic Minority and LGBTI households in  Central Scotland to reduce carbon emissions by improving home energy efficiency and travelling more sustainably. Project activities included home energy advice visits and fuel-efficient driver training. The project also provided opportunities to learn more about climate change with training and support to become a community champion, inspiring positive action in others.

East Sutherland Energy Advice Service

Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust ran the East Sutherland Energy Advice Service, (ESEAS), which was supported by a grant from the CCF. The ESEAS project offered home energy advice, helping the community to improve energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and helping to tackle climate change.


Arran Eco-Savvy

Environmental charity Arran Eco Savvy have helped the community to improve energy efficiency and held an energy awards event to help celebrate their achievements.

Green Futures project

The SCOREscotland Green Futures project, Edinburgh, works with members of black and ethnic minority communities in south west Edinburgh, raising their awareness of climate change and supporting them to take actions to reduce carbon emissions.


Downloadable case studies:

Fintry F8 project, run by Fintry Development Trust, Stirlingshire, helped the local community move towards micro-renewables, increased energy efficiency and lower carbon transport options. The project has also developed a Centre of Low Carbon Excellence to share knowledge and experience.

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