Community-owned building case studies

Learn more about Climate Challenge Fund projects involving the energy efficient refurbishment of community-owned buildings through our downloadable case studies.

The Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) has supported projects to carry out energy efficient refurbishments of community-owned buildings, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Gate Church Carbon Saving Project

Gate Church International received their first Climate Challenge Fund grant in 2013. Since then, their Gate Church Carbon Saving Project has made energy efficiency improvements to Gate Church in Dundee involving insulation, new windows and doors, LED lighting and destratification fans. The project has also run a variety of activities involving home energy, travel, food and waste to help people in the local community lead low carbon lifestyles and learn more about climate change. You can learn more about the project through the Gate Church Carbon Saving Facebook Page.

You can view and download case studies of CCF projects involving energy efficient refurbishment of community owned buildings below.

Edinbane Community Hall Association, on the Isle of Skye. Awarded a Climate Challenge Fund grant to run the Edinbane Hall Energy Efficiency project which installed new insulation, windows and doors in the hall. The project also worked with hall users and the local community to raise awareness of climate change and action that can be taken to tackle it including increased energy efficiency and lower carbon travel alternatives.

EMPOWERING St Michael’s and Linlithgow project.  Replaced inefficient lighting in the ‘Grade A’ listed building with modern LED technology. The LED lighting will substantially reduce electricity consumption and carbon emissions and has inspired the community to take similar action at home.

Gargunnock Commmunity Centre, Stirlingshire. Gargunnock Community Trust installed energy efficient measures at Gargunnock Commmunity Centre. The project also promoted energy efficiency and raised awareness of climate change in the local community.

Gartmore Village Hall, Stirlingshire. Gartmore Community Trust installed energy efficient measures at Gartmore Village Hall, providing a more sustainable community hub capable of supporting an increased number of activities and services locally.

St Ninians Old Parish Chuch Hall, Stirling. Installed energy efficient measures and promoted energy efficiency advice in the community.


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