The Tabletalks sessions provided a chance to take part in one of 20 facilitated discussions.

We were keen for the Gathering to provide a variety of interactive opportunities for delegates. And the tabletalks session offered the chance to take part in one of 20 facilitated discussions.

Delegates could join a tabletalk of their choice on the day of the event.

1. International Climate Justice

The poorest people and poorest nations suffer most from climate change – but have done the least to cause it.

2. Green Recovery

How will a green recovery be achieved to ensure that we have a stronger, cleaner, and more resilient nation post COVID-19?

3. Communicating Climate Change

This is tricky as our brains are effectively hard wired to ignore climate change.

4. Making the most of social media

How can you use social media platforms effectively to get your message across and engage with your community?

5. Running online events

With most activities including events and training being held online what is the best way to do this?

6. Working from home effectively

With most of us working from home, how can we do this well with everything we have to balance at home?

7. Managing and motivating volunteers

Volunteers make a fantastic contribution to organisations.

8. Fundraising

This is vital for any charity, but what is the most effective way to do this?

9. Running a food growing project during COVID-19

Share creative ideas and learn from others regarding all things food growing in the current situation.

10. Running a travel project during COVID-19

Share creative ideas and learn from others regarding running a travel project in the current situation.

11. Running an energy project during COVID-19 

Share creative ideas and learn from others regarding running an energy project in the current situation.

12. Using arts and artists in your project

How can community groups harness the creative arts to communicate and encourage change?

13. Community Climate Action Plans

What are these and how might they be helpful when planning to lower your communities carbon footprint.

14. Climate Anxiety

People’s mental health is being affected by the reality of the climate crisis. What are good coping mechanisms?

15. Black Lives Matter

What can we learn from this and what needs to change in the way we deliver climate action projects?

16. Gender and the Environment

Can we debunk myths about females in typically male roles or males in typically female roles.

17. A Just Transition for Scotland

How can we move towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies for all?

18. Engaging young people

How can organisations encourage young people to get involved in their climate action activities?

19. Mental health and wellbeing

It has never been more important to look after our mental health than it is now.

20. Running a climate festival

What is a climate festival and how is this organised?


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