CCF Food Heroes



These heroes have supported their communities to reduce their carbon footprint in the area of food

Elaine Fulton, Garden Volunteer with Blackhill Grows, St Paul’s Youth Forum, Glasgow 

Often first to arrive and last to leave, Elaine's time spent tending to the garden has helped to secure a good harvest this year. Health issues such as arthritis haven't dampened her enthusiasm to volunteer with the project and support others in learning new skills.

Elaine also attended a beekeeping course and knitted a protective cover made from recycled materials for the outdoor pizza oven!

"Elaine's enthusiasm was essential to keeping the garden going early this summer and she even helped the project produce their own wheat" - Joseph Lowitt, Community Garden Workshop Leader

Find out more about the Blackhill Grows project here.

Gregor McKelvie, Food share volunteer with Sustainable Island Life project run by Arran Eco Savvy

As a food share volunteer Gregor has run 35 individual food shares diverting over one tonne of food from landfill.

Thanks to Gregor the Brodick food share runs consistently and smoothly meaning that people are can rely on the scheme each week.

"Without Gregor the food share would not have been as successful as it has been" - Jessica Wallace, Sustainable Island Life project

Find out more about the Sustainable Island Life project here.

Sajda Raza, general volunteer for Green Guardians project run by Woodfarm Education Centre

Sajda works full-time and has family commitments, but after taking part in Green Guardians project activities, found time to work as a volunteer. She was instrumental in helping to start a collection of unsold food from a local Greggs shop.

"Being involved in volunteering has allowed me to be able to talk about climate change and social responsibility from an actively engaged point of view rather than as a spectator" - Sajda Raza

Find out more about the Green Guardians project here.

Kathy Anderson, Cooking and food waste support with Burnfoot Grows Together, Scottish Borders

In addition to a busy home life, Kathy has supported and run healthy and seasonal cooking workshops. These have inspired others to adopt more climate friendly diets and to become involved with the Burnfoot Grows Together project.

"We need more Kathy's" - Gordie Campbell, Burnfoot Grows Together

Find out more about Burnfoot Grows Together here.

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