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The 2020 Climate Hero Awards formed part of the CCF Gathering

The Climate Hero Awards recognise volunteers at CCF projects. And we've heard of outstanding contributions by volunteers at Climate Challenge Fund projects over the last 12 months, including some amazing work during the Covid-19 crisis.

We hope the 2020 Climate Hero Awards will help to recognise volunteers for all their hard work and that sharing their stories will inspire others to take action to tackle climate change and help their communities.

The Climate Hero categories are:

  • Energy, Food, Travel & Waste - volunteers who have supported people to reduce their carbon footprint in one of these thematic areas.
  • Climate Conversations - volunteers who have got people talking about, understanding and taking action on climate change.
  • Personal Change - volunteers who have 'walked the talk' in reducing their own carbon footprint.
  • Personal Development - volunteers who have overcome challenges to take part and developed confidence and skills.
  • Community Impact - volunteers who have had a fantastic impact their community, but might not quite fit the other categories.

Watch this space for further news of the 2020 Climate Heroes.


Join us as we look back at the fantastic work of the 2019 Climate Heroes.

The voluntary time given by these Climate Heroes has had a host of positive impacts. They've supported their communities to grow food locally, tackle waste, travel sustainably and develop many new skills. They've also passed on learning about climate change and inspired others to take positive action.

And as for the Heroes themselves, they've overcome challenges and improved their confidence and health. They've developed new knowledge and skills, with those Heroes looking for employment often finding improved prospects.


We are delighted to share this special publication produced to celebrate the Climate Heroes.

View the Climate Heroes publication here.


We were very pleased to speak with six of the Climate Heroes at the 2019 CCF Gathering.

Watch the discussion with the Heroes. A full screen option is available on our Youtube channel here.


View the 2019 Climate Heroes in each category



These heroes have supported their communities to reduce their carbon footprint in the area of waste.

View the heroes here.



These heroes have supported their communities to reduce their carbon footprint in the area of travel

View the heroes here.


These heroes have supported their communities to reduce their carbon footprint in the area of food.

View heroes here.

Climate Conversation 

These heroes have got people in their community talking about climate change.

View the heroes here.

Personal change

These heroes have made changes to reduce their own carbon footprint.

View the heroes here.

Personal Development

These heroes have overcome significant challenges and developed new confidence and skills.

View the heroes here.

Community Impact

Some heroes had a fantastic story, but didn't fit the main categories. This is their category.

View the heroes here.

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