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Inside a R:evolve Recycle Swap Shop. Image:R:evolve Recycle

Lightburn Elderly Association Project was awarded a grant from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) in 2015 to run the R:evolve Recycle project in Cambuslang and Rutherglen. This intergenerational project involved the older generation sharing skills to help the community repair, upcycle or swap clothes to reduce the amount of textiles landfilled.

What consultation took place before applying for a CCF grant?

  • A working group of four volunteers developed a questionnaire to gather baseline data and views of the local community.
  • Letters of support received from schools, South Lanarkshire’s Tackling Poverty Team and Zero Waste Scotland.

What did the CCF Grant of £104,932 fund?

  • Staff to deliver the project.
  • Establishment of two swap shops.
  • Collection, repair and redistribution of old school uniforms.
  • Community engagement events with four schools.
  • Textile repair and upcycling workshops.
  • Promotional material and stationary.

Why did carbon emissions reduce?

The project saved clothing and textiles from landfill through:

  • Swapping via the swap shops.
  • The community learning skills to repair and upcycle clothing, including school uniforms.
  • Less travel to buy new textile items, so miles travelled reduced.
  • More awareness of environmental impact of textiles in the community.

What lessons were learned?

  • The ‘mend your own' workshops proved very popular.
  • Some items donated were beyond repair or reuse so a waste collection agency to recycle was identified.
  • Pop-up shops most popular at community gatherings and events where large numbers of people were present

What was the sustainable legacy?

  • 98% of swap shop customers willing to pass on skills they had learnt to others.
  • 88% of swap shop customers more aware of the environmental impact of clothing.

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