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Gartmore Community Trust, Stirlingshire was awarded a Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) grant to install energy efficient measures at Gartmore Village Hall, providing a more sustainable community hub capable of supporting an increased number of activities and services locally.


What type of project would decrease carbon emissions and help the community?

  • Converting dilapidated Gartmore Village Hall into into a sustainable community hub, sustaining present activivities and encouraging new ventures.
  • Providing more activities and services locally at the Hall, reducing need to tavel and helping local residents adopt energy efficiency measures and behaviour.

What consultation took place before applying for a CCF grant?

  • Community consultations in previous years to inform Community Action Plans highlighted refurbishment of the Hall is a local priority Leaders of the main groups using Hall surveyed.
  • Energy audit by Energy Saving Trust.
  • Other funders - applied to Scottish Power Green Energy Trust which awarded £25,000 towards the cost of the 27kW Air Source Heat Pump and the PV cells on the roof.

What did the CCF grant of £134,648 fund?

  • Roof, wall and floor insulation plus triple glazed windows in Gartmore Village Hall.
  • Professional fees associated with the work.
  • Awareness raising campaign - promotional and display items, event costs. Volunteer-led Sustainable Gartmore Project delivering this campaign.

Why did carbon emissions decrease?

  • Installing insulation and new double glazed windows to reduce energy use, leading to lower carbon emissions.
  • Increased number of activities and events at Hall decreasing need for locals to travel further.

How was the reduction in carbon emissions measured?

  • kWh from energy bills recorded before and after the energy efficiency measures were installed.
  • Surveying of people attending activities at the Hall to establish if holding those activities locally has reduced their need to travel elsewhere.
  • Figures obtained were input into the recommended carbon conversion spreadsheet to convert them into carbon emissions

What were the community benefits?

  • Increase in participation of local residents in community organisations, activities and services through warm and inviting Hall.
  • Sustainable Gartmore project raising awareness in local community of energy efficient insulation measures which can reduce CO2e emissions and heating bills in ‘hard to treat’ properties

What was the sustainable legacy?

  • Social, economic and environmental benefits for the residents of Gartmore by having more local activities and services, plus reduced energy use.
  • Ready to highlight feasible options for energy efficient property upgrades to local residents e.g. those available through Energy Saving Trust.

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