Edinbane Community Hall Association

Edinbane Community Hall Association, on the Isle of Skye was awarded a Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) grant to run the Edinbane Hall Energy Efficiency project which installed new insulation, windows and doors in the hall. The project also worked with hall users and the local community to raise awareness of climate change and action that can be taken.

What type of project would reduce carbon emissions and help the community?

  • Installation of insulation, new windows and doors to make Edinbane Hall efficient to heat, providing a comfortable community hub.
  • Initiatives to increase understanding of climate change in the community and how to take action to tackle it such as reducing energy use and car journeys.

What consultation took place before applying for a CCF grant?

  • Survey of all residents and consultation with members and residents at AGM’s.
  • Energy Audit by Real Alternatives.
  • Contact with Lochalsh & Skye Energy Advice Service & Energy Saving Trust.

What did the the CCF grant of £58,936 fund?

  • Insulation and improved windows and doors.
  • Cycle racks and promotion of alternative transport methods.
  • Information, events and assistance for the community to find out how to reduce energy use.
  • These include presentations and newsletters to raiseawareness of climate change and how community members can take actio

Why did carbon emissions decrease?

  • Installation of insulation, new windows and doors 
  • More events held locally in newly improved hall resulting in less travel required to other venues.
  • Initiatives to encourage cycling and fuel efficient driving to the hall. 
  • Information, events and assistance for local community to find out more about climate change and how to reduce carbon emissions through less energy use

How was the reduction in carbon emissions measured?

  • kWh from energy bills before and after the energy efficiency measures were installed. Figures obtained were input into the recommended carbon conversion spreadsheet to convert them into carbon emissions.

What were the community benefits?

  • A comfortable community hall and awareness of how to make homes more energy efficient.
  • Improved local facilities to host events mean less need to travel.
  • Increased community cohesion as hall acts as local hub and events / communications organised by the project brings the community together.

What was the sustainable legacy?

  • A warm, comfortable community hub.
  • Increased awareness of climate change.
  • Continued awareness raising and behaviour change activities involving energy use and travel beyond CCF funded period.

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