Energy efficiency projects

Heating our homes, providing hot water and electricity use associated with lighting and appliances accounts a significant amount of Scottish household carbon emissions.

The Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) supports projects that aim to reduce carbon emissions from energy use by working with households in their community to reduce energy use. Projects can help households install energy efficiency measures, promote locally sourced wood fuel, promote home renewable technologies and reduce energy consumption through behaviour change.

Below you will find a guide illustrating the eligibility for CCF funding of a number activities involving energy efficiency.


Energy advice projects

Projects that provide information on energy usage to householders are referred to as Energy Advice projects. The purpose of these projects is to reduce CO2e emissions as a result of less energy being used in homes or by converting the energy used to a less CO2e intensive fuel i.e. switching from off grid gas to wood fuel. Additional community benefits can include a reduction in fuel poverty as homes take less energy to heat and light.

Providing advice regarding available grants and facilitating the uptake of loans etc
Training of energy advisors
An energy advisor post (or posts)
Office space
Resources such as promotional materials or energy monitors
Enabling measures to allow for the installation of insulation e.g widening of loft hatches and clearance and storage of items in the loft

Not eligible
 Energy generation equipment which includes boilers / solar heating systems etc
 Thermal Imaging Cameras - The Grants Panel has taken the position that where possible, applicants should look to loan them rather than buying their own. Energy companies and in some cases local authorities have been good contacts for groups looking to borrow / hire a camera
 The purchase of energy saving bulbs, radiator panels, etc for individual households unless used as incentives or prizes


Wood Fuel

The CCF has previously funded wood fuel projects that have worked with households by promoting change from a higher CO2e intensive way of heating their home to locally sourced wood fuel.

If you are considering a wood fuel project there are additional criteria you will need to keep in mind.

A report on how you have demonstrated commitment to the sustainable management of the woodland and a sustainable level of wood supply
A business plan including the costs associated with harvesting the timber in your particular area e.g. on your island rather than on mainland

Not eligible

 The CCF may not be able to fund the full amount of a project if it is deemed that State Aid is present
 CCF would not pay for the capital to set up a wood fuel business by itself. There must be wider community engagement with behaviour change and awareness raising elements embedded into the proposal


Promotion of household renewables

The CCF has funded projects that have included the promotion of household renewables such as solar panels, ground source heat pumps, or wind turbines. The CO2e emission reduction is calculated in the same way as an energy efficiency measure with before and after meter readings taken for the household.

Providing advice regarding available grants and assisting householders with the uptake of loans etc
The training of energy advisors
Resources such as promotional materials or energy monitors

Not eligible
 The purchasing of micro-renewables
 The promotion of a particular supplier or installer
 Installation costs of energy generating technologies

Learn more about CCF projects involving energy efficiency advice through our video features and downloadable case studies.

Find out more about other organisations, such as Home Energy Scotland and Local Energy Scotland, that can support you in your CCF project through our third party resources section.

Energy efficiency advice videos and case studies
Learn more about CCF projects involving energy efficiency advice through our video features and downloadable case studies.

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