Community-owned building projects

Community buildings are often much loved and well used community assets.  Heating and lighting these buildings not only results in CO2e emissions, but can be costly. Gas and coal are used to generate the majority of our electricity, and gas or other fossil fuels are the main sources of heating and hot water.

The Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) supports projects to carry out energy efficient refurbishments of community-owned buildings, reducing energy consumption and emissions.  It is important to note that an applicant organisation must own the building or have a lease of at least 50 years for a renovation project to be eligible. Please do contact us if you have any queries regarding eligibility or ownership of your building.

Your project should be able to demonstrate how the building is used by the local community. Parts of buildings that are exclusively used for religious purposes are not eligible for energy efficient refurbishments.

As well as installing hard measures, such as insulation and/or efficient lighting, projects must also engage with the community to encourage low carbon behaviours in their everyday lives.  This can include activity from any of the four other themes of the CCF.

Below you will find a quick guide illustrating the eligibility for CCF funding of a number activities involving the energy efficient refurbishment of community owned buildings.




Draught proofing

Double glazing

Under floor insulation

Secondary glazing

Radiator reflectors 


Heating Zoning Controls / Timer controls


Not eligible

 Energy generating equipment e.g. heating systems, solar panels (pv), wind turbines (Please contact Local Energy Scotland)

 Building design, and planning costs


Learn more about CCF projects involving the energy efficient refurbishment of community-owned buildings through our case studies and find out more about other organisations, such as Home Energy Scotland and Local Energy Scotland, that can support you in our third party resources section.

Community-owned buildings case studies
Learn more about CCF projects involving the energy efficient refurbishment of community-owned buildings through our case studies.

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