What can the CCF Fund?

Find out more about items and activities that are eligible for funding through the Climate Challenge Fund.

**Please note: These webpages relate to the 2020-22 CCF funding round, for which applications are closed**

The Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) can support projects that aim to reduce local carbon emissions. There are a number of costs and items that that may be eligible for funding to support CCF projects to achieve their outcomes.  You can view a summary of eligible and ineligible items below.

We also have further information covering items and activities that are eligible for CCF funding organised for each specific theme of project; community-owned buildings, energy efficiency, food, transport and waste.



Eligible for CCF funding

Staff costs (e.g. recruitment, training, expenses, employer's costs etc.)

Capital costs (e.g. energy efficiency measures,  bike racks, polytunnels etc.)

Volunteer costs (e.g. training, travel, subsistence etc.)

Marketing and promotion (e.g. digital promotion, such as websites and social media, advertising, promotional literature etc.)

Events costs (e.g. catering, room and venue hire, facilitation and speakers etc.)


Ineligible for CCF funding

The CCF does not fund:

  • Projects or activities that the state has a legal obligation to provide, such as a local recycling service, bus stops, local bus services, etc.
  • Items that other Scottish Government grants are available to finance, such as cycle paths which can be funded by Sustrans.
  • Projects that involve improvements to buildings that are not owned by the applicant (a 50+ year lease would be sufficient as well), or significant infrastructure being installed on land that is not owned by the applicant (a 15+ year lease would be sufficient in this case). Relevant planning permission must be sought and approved by the Stage Two deadline date.
  • Research studies, development costs, design fees, planning costs
  • Costs incurred before the Project Start Date or after the Project End Date.

The CCF grant can only be used for funding the proposed project and related costs. Additionally, the CCF does not fund the following:

  • Contingency costs
  • Core organisational or overhead costs - that are not directly related and proportional to the delivery of your project.
  • Energy generating equipment – heating systems or renewable energy technology which would result in Grid displacement.
  • Items or activities which benefit an individual rather than the community as a whole
  • Fundraising activities or donations to other organisations
  • Loans, interest payments, bank or credit card charges
  • Political or religious activities
  • Alcohol or tobacco
  • Livestock and associated costs (e.g. food)
  • VAT that you can recover from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
  • Costs incurred using high-carbon modes of travel (flights, cars, taxis etc) when lower emission alternatives are available. All flights are ineligible unless there are extenuating circumstances
  • Projects that only involve the purchase of capital costs and do not include low-carbon behaviour change activities.


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