Climate Challenge Fund project criteria

All Climate Challenge Fund projects must meet four criteria to be considered eligible for funding.


**Please note: This criteria relates to the 2020-22 CCF funding round, for which applications are closed**

1. Community 

Your community must be at the heart of the decision-making process of the project. Community demand for the project must be clearly demonstrated and projects must be designed and delivered by communities. Applicants should show how they will work in partnership with other local organisations that are engaged in similar or related work.

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2. Improved Climate Literacy

The project must deliver increased awareness and understanding of climate change and enable the community to make informed choices to reduce its impact on climate change.

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3. Carbon (CO2e) Reduction

The project must lead to a measurable reduction in local carbon emissions through the activities it delivers.

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4. Sustainable Legacy 

The project must deliver a low carbon legacy, with outcomes and/or behaviours that continue after the project is completed.

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