Climate Change

We play an important role in influencing and enabling action on climate change. We work with people, places and policy through areas including collaboration with Government and the public sector, communities and voluntary sector organisations, businesses and young people.  

Climate change - the facts 

Climate change is a symptom of unsustainable development, caused by the emission, and increasing concentration, of greenhouse gasses in the Earth’s atmosphere.

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Climate change and Scotland

Scotland is at the forefront of national responses to climate change. We support the leadership being show by Scotland and supports the range of legislation and policies brought forward to address climate change.

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Our work to tackle climate change

We are committed to demonstrating leadership and action on climate change. This includes in areas where our charity has direct control and where it has influence and an enabling role. 

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Take action on climate change

We urge communities, young people, individuals and organisations to redouble their efforts to tackle climate change.

Find out what actions you can take to help Scotland meet its climate change targets.  


Climate strikes

The Scottish Government has declared a Climate Emergency. We acknowledge this emergency and are fully committed to supporting the call for urgent action. It is time now for us all to step up and show we are committed to taking action.

Find out more about the #ClimateStrikes.


Climate change leadership

We have free training opportunities to help community and youthwork leaders understand the Climate Emergency, its implications and to equip their local communities and young people to take positive action.

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