Climate Action

The world is facing a climate emergency and it is imperative that Scotland achieves its Net Zero ambition.  The good news is that there are many ways we can each take Climate Action, by changing the way we look at resources, and practicing sustainable consumption.  


Take action on climate change

Our Resources

Introduction to Climate Change
Classroom resources to teach a basic introduction to climate change. Aimed at primary schools. Four units covering: Introduction to Climate Change, The Carbon Cycle & Biodiversity, The Greenhouse Effect & Carbon Footprints, and Climate ActionThe course is designed for you to deliver yourself to your pupils but please do get in touch if you have any queries. 


An emergency for all of us
How you can play your part in Scotland's transition to a low carbon future.

A Guide to Climate Change
What is climate change and how will it affect you?

Board Game (12+)
Learn some trivia about climate change. 

Board Game Cards
Cards to accompany the Board Game. 

Carbon Footprint of Everyday Life
An exercise on the carbon Footprint of everyday items adapted from "How Bad Are Bananas?" by Mike Berners-Lee

Carbon Footprint Guidance
A guide to calculating your carbon footprint.

Climate Action Mystery Pack
Can you figure out who is the mystery climate activist by solving these puzzles?

Climate Action Week Live Lessons
Series of interactive lessons for all ages with accompanying classroom resources.

Climate Change Infographic
Infographic explaining the climate emergency.

Climate Emergency Toolkit
Toolkit for educators and youth workers on the climate emergency.

Climate Emergency Quiz (13+)
Learn new facts and stats about the global climate emergency with this quick-fire quiz.

Climate Influencer (13+)
Use social media for good and create your own content to urge others to take climate action. 

Climate Negotiations (12+)
Put yourself in the shoes of global decision makers and see if you can agree on a climate solution. 

Climate Ready Classrooms
Accredited Carbon Literacy course for primary and secondary pupils

Craftivism Activity
Make an artwork inspired by the work of Scottish Artist Paul Bartlett. 

Film Club
Use films to start the conversation about climate change. 

Host Mini COP Activity (14+)
To learn about local climate issues and solutions, and raise awareness within the community. 

Oceans, Water & Me
How climate change is affecting the oceans.

Ranking Activity (10+)
Explore how different countries contribute to and experience climate change. 

Scavenger Hunt Indoors (8+)
Put your knowledge of climate change into action. 

Scavenger Hunt Outdoors (13+)
Put your knowledge of climate change into action. 

Scotland 2100 (10+)
Welcome to the future. Map how climate change has impacted your community. 

Sea Level Change Experiment
Demonstrate the consequences of sea and land ice melt as a result of global warming.

Visualising Climate Futures (7+)
Imagine a positive climate future.

Where to Start Activity
Activity to think about your role within the climate movement.

Youth Climate Films
Climate change films produced by young people.

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