Biodiversity Loss

The Biodiversity Loss theme encompasses overexploitation, habitat loss, invasive species, and the pressures of climate change and pollution, as well as the consequences of reduced biological diversity. These consequences may be environmental, social or financial.


Take action on biodiversity loss

Our Resources

All About Flapper Skates 
A worksheet to accompany our Live Lesson with RZSS.

Biodiversity & COP15 Live Lesson 2022
 Interactive lessons on our Biodiversity Topic timed to coincide with the UN Biodiversity COP15 in Montreal.

Biodiversity Live Lesson 2021
Learn why every species counts, how books help us connect with nature and how Fairtrade is important for habitats.

Comic Strip Template
Create a comic strip about the story of a plastic bottle, a marine animal or anything else!

Hurray for Dandelions!
Dandelions are often considered weeds but they are a source of pollen and nectar for insects in the Spring.

Mini Live Lesson with Froglife
We welcome British wildlife charity Froglife for a fantastic workshop all about pond building and creating wildlife habitats in schools and communities.

RZSS Animal Bingo Game
A game designed to increase pupils' knowledge of biodiversity. You'll need Bingo Cards too.

Wildlife Watch Part 1
We share our environment with thousands of other species - what wildlife lives near you?

Wildlife Watch Part 2
How can we care for an animal that lives near us?

Wildlife Watching
How to spot wildlife at Scotland's beaches.

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