Four Elements

Young Reporters for the Environment is based on a set of Four Elements.


The first step in Young Reporters for the Environment is to Investigate an issue.

  • Pick a local issue that affects your community.
  • Look at how this same issue is affecting people around the world.
  • Gather information from primary and secondary sources: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?
  • Look at  historic, economic, social, and political implications
  • Find different perspectives and approaches to resolving the issue 



Next, learn more about your issue through original Research

  • Conduct  original  research,  such  as  surveys, questionnaires  and  interviews.
  • Identify a possible solution and evaluate its effectiveness.
  • The solution should be thoroughly explained, well argued and justified.



Create your story

  • Report on the issue and possible solution through a journalistic piece. 
  • This could be a photo, a series of photos, a film or an article.  
  • Target a local audience.  What media works best?
  • Take a positive approach to inspiring change without shying away from criticism.



Share your work with a local and international audience. 

  • Share your work with a local audience through different channels: social media, newspaper, magazine, TV, or radio.
  • Share your work at an event: an exhibition at a library or village hall, a film screening or a community meeting.
  • Share your work on the YRE Hub - an international showcase for young environmentalists.
  • Share your work on our Keep Scotland Beautiful blog.

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