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A selection of photography entries from Young Reporters for the Environment across Scotland.

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We Eat from it, We Survive, They Eat it, They Die

Drymen Primary School, Stirling

Winner: Photographic Category, 11-14 years, and Overall Winner for Scotland 2019.

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Isobel Mair School, East Renfrewshire

Pupils in Class Islay at Isobel Mair School are walking from Glasgow to Paris as part of their Daily Mile. Zakeeb is shown in photograph, pointing to where the pupils have walked to so far this year...London England!

Promoting Health & Well-Being is a big focus for the class, as it encourages a structured and regular routine of exercise for the pupils. Pupils are developing healthy habits, as they work exercise into their daily routines getting fresh air and walking a mile before they even enter the class to do more formal work. Pupils work on real life number skills while walking the mile, using counters to improve their understanding of number quantities as they count the 8 laps that constitute the mile. As a school with pupils who have additional support needs, sustaining good health and well-being is of high importance and a focal point for all pupils at Isobel Mair School. The Daily Mile gives pupils the opportunity to access the curriculum in creative ways, incorporating outdoor education, numeracy and a variety of skills and learning. 

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