Uddingston Grammar School, North Lanarkshire

Project: Dream Team Drain Clean

Pupils were very inspired by this project and started by investigating the local waterways around Uddingston. They were shocked to see how much litter was in local streams, drains and rivers. They decided to focus on drains as Uddingston is a built-up area. They noticed that the current casing on drains was allowing litter to pass through and into waterways.

They decided to build a sieve-like design that could be fitted into a drain to trap litter but allow water to pass. This sieve could then be lifted out and emptied periodically.

After investigating different materials, they decided bamboo would be a good material to use and set about working out a design. They watched YouTube videos and worked out how to weave the bamboo- this would become the sieve part of the design. The group worked very well by splitting into the design team and the poster team.

Scientific poster



We learned that we have to take action to help our community.


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