Rosneath Primary School, Argyll & Bute

Project: Loch Litter Lieutenants

The pupils went out into the local community and looked for signs of litter in waterways, the beach and the glen. They researched different ways already being used to stop litter from going in the ocean or ways that capture litter already there. The pupils then decided they needed a bigger view of litter in the community so they created a survey. The survey was shared to parents and the community as well as each class in the school.

As a class they discussed the results of the survey and decided there were some good suggestions of ways to reduce litter in Rosneath. Each pupil then came up with ideas, drawings and initial designs. The class split into five groups and developed the ideas into five designs. They then voted on which design to take forward. Next they looked at the final design in detail, asking questions about strengths and weaknesses. They made changes where possible and created a model of the final design.

Scientific poster


The solution is a machine that can suck up plastic litter, melt it, and then be used as recycled plastic to make new things like jewellery or clothes.

The machine then releases fresh water from the tank. The children spoke about ensuring multiple features like motion sensors to ensure no animals are accidentally harmed.

They spent time researching materials to use and decided on copper as they found it doesn’t rust in the sea.

One of the later modifications was the addition of filters to ensure no harmful gases are released during melting. The machine will help to remove the plastic from the lochs and find a use for the plastic meaning it won’t just end up in landfill.

The pupils worked really well in teams and definitely learned how to discuss, work through questions and problems. They managed their time well, dividing up different elements of the project so everything would be completed on time.

Project planning

Prototype detail

Design detail

We surveyed people in the community, parents and other pupils about marine litter in Rosneath. We asked "Are you aware about problems of marine litter?"


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