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As part of our Upstream Battle education programme, the STEM the Flow Competition encouraged participants to research and develop their own solutions to tackle source to sea marine litter. These could be ways of collecting litter that is already in our waterways, or preventing litter from getting into them in the first place. As part of the challenge, participants had to investigate source to sea litter in their area, identify the problem, raise awareness and design an engineering-based solution to the issue. Participants had to work as a team to create a project plan, conduct research, draw conclusions and produce a scientific poster to showcase their idea.

We had almost 1000 votes during the public showcase to choose the five winning entries, thank you to everyone who voted! You can view the winning entries in each of the categories and all the entries below. A huge well done and thank you to everyone who took part in the STEM the Flow competition!


Winning Schools: 

Best Overall Project: Crookfur Primary School
Best Teamwork: Lamlash Primary School
Best Investigation: Rosneath Primary School
Most Innovative Solution:  Torrance Primary School
Most Sustainable Solution: St Edward's Primary School

Award Categories

Awards will be presented for the winning project in five categories.  On the voting page you can only vote for a given project in one category.

Best Overall Project – The project demonstrates outstanding understanding in all areas and culminates in an innovative, sustainable solution to addressing source to sea marine litter in the participants’ local area.

Most Innovative Solution – The project demonstrates an outstanding design concept, this could be a completely new way of addressing source to sea marine litter, or an adaptation of an existing design to improve its function. 

Most Sustainable Solution – The project demonstrates an outstanding use of sustainable engineering concepts, this could be the use of sustainable or recycled materials, consideration of the longevity of the solution, or a well-thought-out cost analysis. 

Best Investigation – The project demonstrates outstanding research and investigation into source to sea marine litter in the participants’ local area. It is evident that the participants have used this information to inform their solution.

Best Teamwork – The project demonstrates outstanding collaboration from the participants, this could be well-defined roles within the project team, regular meetings and discussions throughout the project, or actively seeking the support of the local community or organisations during the project.

All Entries: 

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