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Pledge to Become a Climate Action School

As Scotland continues to work towards its Net Zero ambitions and embrace the pledges made by countries at COP 26, it is essential that we ensure that the voices of our youngest citizens are heard and that we provide a relevant, rich, and varied educational experience that helps to take action to combat climate change.

By drawing all of our programmes and activities together under the banner of Climate Action Schools we can ensure that supporting schools and young people to develop the understanding and skills required to take positive action to tackle the climate crisis is a priority. In doing so we will create a network of Climate Action Schools across Scotland which will build on the legacy of Eco-Schools Scotland and Climate Ready Classrooms and provide a range of support to schools and educators to help with the transition to a Net Zero Nation and the ongoing implementation of Learning for Sustainability.

Pledge to become a Climate Action School and take action through our education programmes and campaigns.

By taking this pledge, your school will join our network of Climate Action Schools taking action in relation to our collective impact on the global climate.

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