Professional Learning & Training

Support for educators and pupils working on our Climate Action Schools programmes. 

We offer a range of professional learning opportunities to support educators in all sectors. 

Interactive online sessions to support educators to deliver our environmental education programmes in any context, plus new sessions directed at pupils to support their experience. Below you will find a description of each session. Please register using the form below.

We are always developing new sessions, so watch this space!


Support for Pupils


These sessions are intended for a class or Eco-Committee to attend while accompanied by an educator. All session are on a Monday at 1:30pm

Turning Thoughts into Actions: Part 1
An introduction to your Eco-Schools work and the different things you will cover, with special attention on how to carry out your Environmental Review.

Turning Thoughts into Actions: Part 2
How to put together your Action Plan, including what to Measure and Monitor to make sure your work is on the right track.

Eco-Committee Meet & Greet
Learn about Eco-Schools work and experience directly from Eco-Committees and pupils, with a chance to ask questions and meet a variety of schools and Eco groups.

Special Workshops
Get some ideas for how to carry out different aspects of your Eco-Schools work.

Eco-Schools Celebration
Join us on Wednesday 10 May to hear more in detail about our Eco-Schools Celebration Week, ways you can celebrate and why we want you and everyone to celebrate your fantastic work!

Training For Educators


All twilight sessions at 4pm

Eco-Schools Basics: Processes & Tasks
An introduction to the Eco-Schools Scotland programme and how to apply for a Green Flag Award using the online portal. (What is Eco-Schools?)

Eco-Schools Basics: Action Plans & Measuring

How to put together your Action Plan, looking at the importance of your aims and including what to Measure and Monitor to make sure your work is on the right track.

Eco-Schools Core Topic: Climate Action
Get some ideas on how to tackle our NEW core Eco-Schools Topic Climate Action and what your school or nursery can do.

Eco-Schools Topic: Litter & Waste
Get some ideas on how to tackle Eco-Schools Litter & Waste Topic and what your school or nursery can do.

Context Specific Q&A
Informal Q&A sessions specifically for your setting. An opportunity to have your questions answered and to meet other educators working in similar settings as yours.



All twilight sessions at 4pm
New Education Programme: LEAF
Learning about Forests is a learning programme that advocates outdoor learning and hands-on experiences, for pupils to gain a deeper and understanding of the natural world. (What is LEAF?)

Biodiversity COP15 Twilight
A twilight all about Biodiversity ahead of the COP15 UN conference in Montreal and our Live Lesson.


Young Reporters for the Environment 

All twilight sessions at 4pm

Introduction to Young Reporters for the Environment
Give committed pupils the opportunity to have their voice heard on environmental issues that matter to them. Young Reporters is a natural extension to Eco-Schools for individual pupils to write a report, take a photograph or make a video reporting on the environment. (What is Young Reporters?)


Food & The Environment

All twilight sessions at 4pm

Pocket Garden
Learn about this fabulous annual competition and how to bring it into your setting. Pocket Garden is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to put in action their ideas, imagination and skills in designing and creating a miniature garden. (What is Pocket Garden?)

One Planet Picnic
One Planet Picnic can be part of your transition work or an end of term celebration. It is a great way to use and celebrate your harvests at the start of the new academic year. (What is One Planet Picnic?)


Professional Learning Courses

Longer courses for educators on topics like climate change and source to sea litter.

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