St. Francis Primary School

The Celebration of All Animals and Insects

Our garden of celebration celebrates all animals and insects having a home/place to live. This subject was chosen because insects don’t have enough attention as they don’t have many places to stay even if we need them. Our garden is wildlife friendly because there is a bug hotel, wild grass and many different types of flowers that we planted. This allows the insects to thrive in a safe area with all they need.

For our garden, we attempted to use upcycled materials such as using plastic milk cartons as plant pots, plastic tubes as bug hotels and an old metal pot as a watering hole. We used donated soil and wooden pallets for the crux of our garden.

Pupils enjoyed getting outside, creating the garden and loved seeing the plants grow. The garden has been a great addition to our school grounds as it has been visited by different classes and our nursery. 

However, during construction of our garden it has been vandalized several times. After bank holiday weekends our plants have been taken out of plants pots and many of our pots are being destroyed. Nevertheless, our determination in creating a place that celebrates all animals and insects was never damped. Pupils strived to recreate the garden as best as they could. They replanted, sowed, showed determination and resilience to keep our garden alive overall showing love, faith and hope which should be celebrated too.

After the competition, we shall keep our pocket garden to hopefully be visited by more wildlife and we shall keep visiting to see what we spot.

Garden design

Creating the garden – from design to reality

We first started to plan our pocket garden, by laying our plant pots where we think best each plant would go.

Unfortunately, after a long weekend several of plant pots were destroyed.

Plants were taken out of their plant pot.

We original planted the flowers we were intending to put in our pocket garden in pots as we weren’t too sure if we had enough soil for them to grow.

Once we removed them from their pots the managed to thrive.

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