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Celebration of Learning

Our garden celebrates learning within our school.  We wanted to educate pupils and parents about what we could grow in our school grounds and the skills involved in creating a garden. We have sited the garden within our new Reading Garden, where pupils can sit quietly during break times.

School bug house

Repurposed pond

School value pebbles

Our garden (designed by one of our Garden Crew) is a miniature reproduction of our school and school grounds.  On the front of our miniature school is a bug hotel and our garden also contains a miniature pond. The dwarf broad beans represent the trees in the playground.

All the materials used to make our garden were reused. We used pallets, reclaimed wood and an old storage tray to make the pond.  Our plants were grown mainly from seed or cuttings by the gardening crew. A few were gifted from the local community who are keen to encourage young people with their gardening projects.

Our garden aims to show pupils and parents what edible plants can be grown in a small space. We attempted to create an A to Z (almost) of edible and wildlife friendly plants and made labels from reclaimed slate to identify the plants to people passing by and to children sitting in the Reading Garden.

We have in our mini allotment school garden: alliums, beans, calendula, chard, chives, dill, foxglove, fennel, garlic, lavender, lettuce, mint, mustard, nasturtium, onions, parsley, peas, radish, rosemary, strawberries, and thyme.

We learned how to design, measure and saw wood to build, work together, sow seeds, and care for plants. On the side of the garden we wrote some of the skills we learned so that pupils can read the words while looking at the garden

When the competition is finished, our garden will continue to grow and we will eat the produce. We will use it as a growing space for years to come.

The Garden Crew are extremely proud of this garden and would love it if their efforts were recognised.

Garden design

The garden - from design to reality

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