Laxdale Primary School

Gàrradh a’ Mhetagama

Our garden celebrates and marks the 100th anniversary of the S.S Metagama which sailed from Stornoway on 21st April 1923 bound for Canada with 300 emigrants on board.

We have chosen this subject as we had taken part in the Dileab project which celebrated the Metagama. Throughout the project, the pupils have learned a lot about the culture and history of the island.

Our garden is wildlife friendly as it includes a bug hotel, bird feeder and is bee friendly.

There are a lot of edibles growing in the garden. There are strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, rhubarb, carrots, turnip and radishes. All grown by the pupils from seeds and the kale was donated from the community and a donation to a local charity was made.

We painted stones with the names of those who left on the Metagama from Laxdale. We also focused on bees and painted bees on stones around the Metagama. The pupils learned a lot about bees and their importance and also how to help protect them.

We reused pallets, stones, rope and pots and smaller logs which we had as a school.  This was keeping with our Eco schools action plan to reuse and recycle materials.

The pupils experience a rich learning experience from the project and learned new skills including:

  • Communicating with external partners during the design and construction process.
  • Communicating with external partners during the design and construction process.
  • Exploring design options for the garden based on the Metagama.
  • Developing and communicate ideas to create a design based on the Metagama.
  • Ensuring conservation and recycling of materials in line with our Sustainability plan.
  • Exploring problem solving strategies when planting and building the garden.

We have made several links with the community including getting logs from the Sawmill and donation of kale from Sandwickhill Dance Studio.

We are going to continue to grow the fruit and vegetables after the project and in the future. It is a fantastic reminder of the Dileab project and is a fantastic place to grow.

We have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this project and the pupils have had a rich learning experience and have benefitted hugely from being outside and learning outside in the polytunnel.

Garden design

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