Kinneil Primary School

Bo’ness Fair Day 2023

Our garden celebrates the Bo’ness Fair Day which became an annual tradition in 1897. The fair has a special place in our hearts as it brings the community together to celebrate the people of Bo’ness. We chose to create this garden as we feel that the Fair is a big part of our lives and we enjoy being together as a community each year.

Repurposed bottles

Insect hideaway

Colourful flowers

As part of our garden we planted Rosemary and Mint which we will be able to use in the STEM area, where we have the opportunity to cook and bake different recipes. We reused plastic bottles and yoghurt pots and turned them into plant pots. We used pieces of wood and palettes that people from the town donated. We contacted Bloomin Bo’ness who were willing to donate tarpaulin for our garden. All of our plants were donated by parents from the school and local businesses. Our garden will stay in the playground where all of the pupils and teachers can enjoy it, each class will take turns to water the garden. We enjoyed working as a team and we had the opportunity to use drills and saws when building the garden.

Each row of flowers represents a role taken as part of Fair Day. The Petunias represent the Flower Girls, the Bizzie Lizzies represent the Queen, the Snap Dragons represent the Presentees, the Pegonias represent the Fairies and the Marigolds represent the Banner boys. The bug hotel at the back represents the town hall where all of the school’s showcase their dances and where the queen sits.

Garden design

Creating the garden – from design to reality

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