Gigha Primary School

A Coronation Celebration

My garden celebrates the coronation of King Charles III. King Charles is very important because he is our new King. I wanted to make him a lunch for the day he had his coronation but I also wanted to look after insects we have because they are important. 

Tasty things growing

Top down view

Crowning glory

I have a bee hotel and a bug palace where are the insects can go. Bees are very important because they help our flowers. Lots of the sections can be put together to make a salad stop. I have tomatoes, radishes peppers salad leaves and chives.I will also add boiled eggs from my chickens at home. I reused a bookshelf that was going to go in the bin and daddy helped me to use the jigsaw to cut the crown on top, I learnt how to make the top pointy. I also learnt how to grow plants from seeds and make sure they are watered but not too much because this will make them not grow. Well our island ranger helped us to start our food growing garden and so did the grown-up at my school . My daddy helped with cutting the wood and Tracy helped me to put the things into the bookshelf. After the competition. We will eat the salad that grows but we will keep the bookshelf as an insect house and put it in our bee wild garden. I want people to look after our island on the insects on it because it is a very special place. From Syd. 

Garden Design

Creating the garden – from design to reality

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