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Recycled Peter Rabbit Garden

Recycled Peter Rabbit Garden was created to show that recycling helps nature and people by providing them with a viable means of livelihood.

Peter Rabbit was chosen because it is a fantastic story, and our early year's pupils love it most.

Tasty things growing

Side on view

Bottle greenhouse

To ensure this project is not only for a small group of people creating a garden but the majority of people can participate in this project, pupils started collecting plastic bottles. Each time they brought bottles to us, we explained how we could use them. There are so many ways how to do it. Plastic bottles were used to make a mini greenhouse. It is true that pupils are going to increase this project to a bigger size. Plastic bottles will be converted into walls to make a sheltered gazebo.

Apart from plastic bottles, wood, tyres and pipes were used to make construction and planters. Pupils used cement, and sand to make concrete. They made stones for this project. Stones will be used in other projects to increase biodiversity.

Bird feeders- pupils in science and rural skill make bird feeders using recycling materials like milk bottles, and cardboard. They renovated old bug hotels too.

Edible garden: pupils used seeds from tomato slices to get tomato plants. Beetroot and lettuce are still growing in plant pots, and pupils are waiting for better weather to plant into the ground. Young people understand how weather conditions can change or plant the calendar. Potatoes are growing in bags, and fruit trees are doing well, too.

S3 pupils and student teachers took part in this project. Resources came from local people.

Vegetables will be used for soup and other meals. Some vegetables can be used in enterprise projects.

Garden Design

Creating the garden – from design to reality

Garden Video

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