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Celebrations by Seasons

Our garden celebrates multi-faith and multicultural celebrations through the seasons.  We chose to visit multiple celebrations throughout the year because our class has such a diverse mix of cultures, nationalities and beliefs.

Spring Celebrations

Summer Celebrations

Autumn Celebrations

Winter Celebrations

We have bird feeders, bug hotels and bee attracting plants to make our garden wildlife friendly.  We have grown peas, pumpkins, yellow peppers, carrots and tomatoes in our garden.

We reused bamboo canes, autumn leaves, broom, evergreen shrubs, stones and material for the scarecrows.

We have learned that sharing is key to teamwork.  Sometimes the weather is harsh in Scotland and things do not grow as quickly as we would like.  Gardening takes time and patience.

We have worked with/ had donations from family members, local plant shops and our community garden group.

Our garden will be separated.  All the plants will either go home with pupils for their gardens or be planted in the school garden.

This is P6’s second year of entering the Pallet Competition. We absolutely love taking part.

Garden Design

Creating the garden – from design to reality

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