Wallace Primary School 1st Entry


The Wallace Primary School Pocket Garden tells the story of Superworm by Julia Donaldson. The children chose Superworm because they felt that many of the characters in the book such as worms, spiders, birds, bees and butterflies are wildlife that would be attracted into their garden. 

Recycled bug hotel

Hip hip hooray for Superworm!

Lots of tasty things growing

The children have made their design wildlife friendly by incorporating a bug hotel, wormery, bee & butterfly friendly plants and a water feature for wildlife to drink from.

The design has many edible plants included such as nasturtiums, violas, chives, beetroot, lettuce, peas, radish, strawberries, spring onions, cress and sage. It's amazing how many different edible plants can be grown in one container. 

The Pocket Garden is built reusing many materials such as using an old fence for the planter, old bottle for the wormery, a broken branch to support the peas, old pair of tights filled with soil to create our cress Superworm and newspaper pots to grow our seedlings. The bug hotel was built using wooden off cuts and found materials in the playground. The water reservoir was made from guttering to create water for wildlife to drink from and stones were upcycled as characters from the book to create bridges for the wildlife to drink from and cross over the water.

The children have used our local community throughout this process. Parents have donated materials such as empty bottles, and an old fence. All our plants have either been grown by the children or donations of seedlings from the local community.

After the competition our Pocket Garden will be placed within our school garden as a planter for the children to grow crops in. It’s a low planter at the perfect height for the younger children to be able to access, weed and harvest their crops. We also work in partnership with our local foodbank and donate any fruit and veg to them so an additional planter will allow us to grow more and further help our local community.

The children have incorporated a repeated phrase from the book and painted key words around the planter: "Superworm is super strong, Superworm is super long, see him wiggle, watch him squirm, hip hip hooray for Superworm.

Garden Design

Creating the garden - from design to reality

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