Lockhart Campus

The Secret Garden

Lockhart Campus ASN school in Stevenston, Ayrshire is a brand new school for children with learning difficulties. Ranging from complex needs to additional support. This design was created by kids ranging from 12yrs to 15yrs Broad General Education. Their story has been inspired by The Secret Garden Story. 

Tasty things growing

Flowers for bees

Multi-tiered design

The design starts with a special magical healing and feeling garden. The tree of life is what keeps everything in garden alive. The two tier cable drums hold the key to a healthy eco system and consists of native plants and an animal population that interact with each other. 

The helter skelter water fall has a pump that is powered by a solar panel. The water runs down to an old plastic hula hoop filtration system that drip feeds the wild flower meadow and the bees will happily forage and make delicious honey. 

Lower level is for our mushroom stumpery and wormery, collecting worm juice to feed our surrounding raised beds. The beds will be filled with vegetables and tin cans potted round the beds, companion planting herbs and flowers to prevent pests. 

Tending the garden

The Tree of Life 

The garden is complete

Garden Design

Garden Video

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