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Super Sparkle & Friends

In the year of stories, our children created Super Sparkles and his super friends, who got together to save the world from pollution. Our children used their own imagination and creativity to make a super hero using powder paint and other ingredients as magical powers to turn the world into a better place.

Welly planters

Super Sparkles!

Super Sparkles' friends

The children created lots of friends to help Super Sparkles and they can be seen in this Super Sparkles drawing book

We chose the plants and herbs with the children for our garden based on Scottish culture and traditions as we had to include autochthonous (native) plants and relate to old Scottish tales. The children helped to plant seeds, look after the flowers and learned how animals and plants work in harmony. The fact that we use autochthonous plants from our local environment and biogeographical biome helps to contribute towards a balanced environment in the appropriate areas with herbs and animals.

As one of the topics is to include edible plants contributing for a sustainable development and to reduce the global lack of food production, we made our contribution within our garden: peppermint, nettles, pansies, dahlia, lemon balm and dandelions. Working together with our community, we were gifted some resources that helped us to make our Pocket Garden. Some parents and even some local shops gave us pallets and the headquarters using a broken hanging basket for our super heroes. This ensures we are putting unloved items to good use. From our own resources we used some old wellies which were left over from previous children and used them as pots to put our herbs and flowers up on the back pallet, reducing waste while recycling materials making our small contribution in the environment.

While creating our garden our children learned about the importance of having a well-balanced biological system. While they were observing the plants growing, they saw some worms crawling on the soil and this sparked a discussion on living creatures and how they depend on a healthy environment as well as what we can do to support them. The children learned how to plant flowers and herbs and what they need to grow healthy and strong.

After the competition ends we will keep the garden within our own Lauriston garden where our children can continue to look after it. The children will observe what will happen to the flowers and herbs throughout the year, understanding that there is a link between weather in biology while developing awareness of seasons which will support them in becoming responsible and environmentally conscious citizens. 

Garden design

Creating the garden - from design to reality

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