Fordyce Primary School

Little Red Hen

Our garden depicts a farm garden and countryside village setting inspired by the Little Red Hen story.  We have included the houses of the villagers, the windmill that the hen took his grain to to be ground into flour and the farmers house, hen coop and barn.

Windmill and cosy bug hotel

Sea shell path and pond

Colourful village houses

We like the story of the Little Red Hen and thought it would convert into a Pocket Garden very well.

We have ensured that we have planted colourful flowers to attract minibeasts into our garden and the farmers barn can be used as a bug hotel.  We have included a pond (scallop shell) to provide water for little animals. There are lots of tasty things to eat in our garden, including strawberries, chives, onion, coriander and nasturtium. Most of the materials have been found around the school grounds and recycled (including wood from local trees that came down during storm Arwen) or donated.

We learned how to plan the landscaping for the garden by putting the main features in first like paths and buildings.

We had lots of links with the local community during our garden's creation. School staff and parents have donated some plants. The village restaurant donated a few buckets of scallop shells! Seafield Estates provided wood cookies recycled from the storm trees (see above). 

We will continue to nurture our garden and hopefully harvest some fruit and vegetables to cook with Fordyce Village usually has open garden event during the summer holidays so we hope visitors will come in and enjoy our Pocket Garden.

Garden Design

Creating the garden - from design to reality

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