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The Greedy Bee

The story is of the greedy bee who doesn’t like to share a flower, he gets lost and the fireflies and ants help him get home safely while teaching him that it is good to share.

The Greedy Bee story

Lots of tasty things to eat

A colourful display

We chose the story of The Greedy Bee to encourage our nursery children to share and take turns, whilst taking care of the environment.

Most of the plants are edible and safe for the children to pick and eat, they are also native and help to provide a safe place for the bees.

We have strawberries, radish, carrots, chives, peas, and chard.

We have a variety of reusable materials such as palettes, tins, plant pots, plastic bottles, and compost.

We have learnt how to care for the environment and the wildlife and how to encourage children to become more involved in helping / caring for wildlife.

We have had a lot of parental involvement where parents have helped plan and organise our garden, we have had parents donate plants and pots. We have sought advice from our local garden centre and visited our garden centre.

We will continue to further develop our garden keeping it in our allotment so it is easily accessible for the children to continue to help grow the plants it will also be a space where children are able to access in small groups. We will also continue to use the edible ingredients within the nursery for snacks, among other things.

We feel that this year’s design particularly slots into the daily routine of the nursery as we are based on a rural estate and there is lots of wildlife.

The garden has been a big part of our nursery routine as we are outdoors most of our day. The children have also been very keen to take part in this as it is relating to the story book children have been excited to share ideas of why we are helping the bees and how we are able to do this.

Bee and ladybird spoons

Heather in bloom

Lots of places for bugs to hide

Garden Design

Enjoying the story in the garden

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