Ullapool Primary School

This Pocket Garden was built by pupils at Ullapool Primary School. Aptly named "Living with the Sea", Ullapool is a fishing village on the west coast, It features landmarks and objects associated with the sea around them, a fishing boat growing spinach and beans, a lighthouse growing strawberries and chives.

The garden features decorative lobster pot planters growing nasturtium and stones found on their local beach that have been painted with words associated with the sea in english and gaelic.

The garden also features driftwood found by one of the children, this has been planted with heather found on Ullapool hill.

A strawberry and chive planter lighthouse

Lobster pots with a haul of plants

Saxifrage, seaweed and stones

From the school's design of their fishing village garden you can see all the features included:

Driftwood planted with heather,

Lobsterpots with ivy growing from them,

A lighthouse growing strawberries and chives,

A fishing boat growing spinach and rocket,

Pebbles with saxifrage growing between them

In this short video clip, pupils talk us through the ideas behind their garden.

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