Stow Primary School

The whole class have been able to follow their designs and they have loved every minute- most days started with somebody in my class asking if they were ‘getting to do more gardening today?

The group of boys involved in this design must have said at least 30 times that this is ‘the best thing we have ever done in school’. They have loved the digging, planting, sawing, hammering, designing little parts like the treehouses! It’s just been such brilliant, authentic way for the children to learn more about local biodiversity and community sustainability. 

A wee bit o' tartan

Looks good enough to eat

All hands on

We borrowed turf from our school grounds for our grass. On National Bee Day we dug some hexagons of turf (inspired by honeycomb) being careful not to damage the turf and then filled the area where we took the turf from with wild seed bombs which the whole school had been a part of making! 

We have a new Polytunnel which was not in place in time to support us so we had to improvise with help from a grandparent who has two polytunnels and lives in the village and lots of growing on our classroom windowsills! 

We learned about renewable and clean energy, particularly wind energy to help us learn about the wind farms in our village.

We have learned lots about protecting and helping the local biodiversity and painted beehive bee feeders to help support the bees we hope to encourage by planting wild flowers and grasses.

Watch the video about the pocket garden from the pupils at Stow Primary School

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