St. Palladius Primary School

The boys and girls were challenged to design a Pocket Garden when Home Learning during the Covid pandemic. We were delighted when one of our designs was selected. 

The children have grown many of the plants in the design including sunflowers, potatoes, onions and peas. Inspired by our class topic, the materials used are all recycled. They made pots from newspapers and lined the planting areas with repurposed compost bags. 

Colourful characters

Watering the plants

Lots of variety

What if Aliens visited our garden?  The children made Alien Insects and created small habitats.  This included a plastic bottle Rocket Rest area for flying insects, hollow Pitstop Planets and a Minibeast Hotel at the bottom of the pallets with entrances for hedgehogs and small creatres.

To nurture the garden, we have a rainwater fueled sprinkler system and used careful planting to protect our sunflowers which will provide seed for our birds in winter. Children can measure the growth of the sunflowers and peas against a numberline. 

All the plants are edible and can be enjoyed by minibeasts, humans and aliens alike! We have learned lots of new skills and enjoyed spending time outdoors. Most importantly, even though we are small, we can make a huge difference to our planet! 

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