Murrayburn Early Years Centre

Here is the garden from Murrayburn Early Years Centre. They enjoy improving their garden space all the time and this mysterious Pocket Garden is made from a variety of different objects.

Choosing seeds


Close up of the finished garden

The children (4 years old) have designed a garden that includes lots of different objects.

We have been focussing on birds over the last few weeks. So that was our starting point. It then developed into a “Mysterious Garden” by adding a log for the birds to hide the worms. A stone for the birds to sit on and look at the plants. One child wanted purple flowers and another wanted mint. So we decided to have a herb sensory garden. Some children wanted to use the wooden lolly sticks to make ladders and a fairy garden door. The others wanted to use twigs and sticks to thread a ladder and create a maze. We are going to paint some stones as minibeasts. 

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