Logie Coldstone Primary School

This Pocket Garden is based on pupils' love for wildlife and the outdoors.  The school is located near Burn O' Vat which features a waterfall spilling into the Vat with the water then running in to the Vat burn which in turn feeds in to Loch Kinord.

Frog and pond

Tyre planter

Welly boot planters

Every Pocket Garden tells a story.  Here's the story of Logie Coldstone Primary School's Pocket Garden in their own words:

Living on the edge of the Cairngorms offers lots of access to the outdoors, including in the school playground where we are lucky to have a park sheltered by trees which are sometimes covered in moss. Snowdrops grow in the school grounds and there are planters where crocuses and tulips are starting to appear. Locally, sorrell and wild garlic are often found alongside bluebells in the woodland. In the winter, the children make bird feeders to attract birds to the school grounds. In Science they have made hedgehog houses and planted trees to attract more wildlife to the school.

The children at Logie Coldstone School really enjoy planting seeds and watching them grow. It’s always a good lesson in patience!

We have successfully grown tomatoes, broad beans and peas in the past. Strawberries also grow well in a planter positioned in a sunny spot at the front of the school. We have also received seed potatoes from One Seed Forward which we are looking forward to planting. Other requests from the children this year include radish and spinach.

All the materials we have planned to use we already have or we have access to. There is a garage in Logie Coldstone where we can access old tyres for our garden. We had a delivery on the pallet so we will re-use this. We have old wellies in our outdoor shed which we can re-use. And we have access to lots of rocks, sticks, pine cones, moss and leaves to make our waterfall and wildlife. We will seek donations of seeds and / or plants to help to build our garden too.

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