Lauriston Nursery School

Our plan to create a Picnic Pocket Garden of Townhill Loch

The children at Lauriston Nursery Dunfermline are very excited to be entering this year’s One Planet Picnic Pocket garden design competition for 2021.

We had a discussion on what the word “nature” means and where close to us the children like to go on a walk. The children chose Townhill Loch Dunfermline. This is a popular spot we often go to on walks at nursery. The Loch supports many important species and habitats. We have been talking about the importance of keeping the loch clean and clear of litter.

Townhill Loch

Starting to plant

The finished garden

These types of areas support birds, insects and plants. We plan to visit Townhill Loch regularly to help pick up litter and anything that can be used as pots will be included in our garden. We will also research the wildlife and species of plants to help us choose which plants and flowers to grow.

Most of the materials used will be recycled and most plants will be grown here at nursery where possible. We will also include bird feeders made by the children from recycled items. Our plan is to have a small pond at the centre of our garden representing the importance pocket of the loch. We will also try to grow plants which are found at the loch to surround the pond. 

To create our Picnic garden the children understand the importance of lochs/ponds for the wildlife as areas for animals to feed, breed and provide them with drinking water. To create our loch/pond we will use recycled pots, bottles, cans and plastic sunk into the ground. Will then use floating plants (a place for eggs). We will also submerge aquatic plants to help oxygenate the water. Marginal plants for around the edges and forget-me-nots. At the top of our garden we would like to use dandelions, daisies, buttercups, clover and speedwell as these are great sources of pollen and nectar. These can help transform habitats.

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