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This Pocket Garden was made by children at Junior World Childcare.  Everything used to build the garden has been collected or recycled.  There is a shed made from lolly sticks, lots of seashells, and colourful painted rocks.

Paintings on wood slices

Ladybird stones


Every Pocket Garden tells a story. Here's the story of Junior World Childcare's Pocket Garden in their own words:

The bottom of the base will be done from a pallet with the two boxes which will be recycled from our fruit delivery and will have small driftwood and shells attached to them. One box will be filled with fruit and Vegetables (Carrots, Strawberries and cucumbers) the other flowers (Pansy, Marigolds, Poppies, Phlox, Forget me not and Dwarf mix).  

Along the back of the pallet there will be Sunflowers and some roses which will sit nicely beside the bug house.  On the opposite side there is the sign which says, “to the bug house” or “to the beach”. Around the boxes we have some roses, driftwood, shells, stones and pine cones that the children have collected from their walks along Nairn beach.  

Everything we are using for this has been collected or recycled for this challenge.  The children have enjoyed designing this them self as it has encouraged them to go out and look for the things needed and also helping us reduce waste. 

Shed made from lolly sticks

Watering plants

Planting seeds

Caring for plants

Dirt is good!

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