Houston Primary School

This Pocket Garden features lots of blue flowers in a large planter box.  At the centre is a bug hotel and lots of dry wood to encourage minibeasts to move in.

Bug hotel

Lots of blue flowers

Every Pocket Garden tells a story. Here is the story of Houston Primary School's Pocket Garden in their own words:

"Materials used were wood framing to go around the garden and a big bit of wood at the back for water plants.  Metal and lights for around the side.  For anchoring the garden to the ground: four small bits of wood screwed through edges into the ground at the corners.

Types of plants used: salvia poatens, ceanothus, lobelius eronus.

This Pocket Garden was built from a wooden box filled with dirt and box.  Lots of blue flowers and a house for beasties to use.  There is water around the edge of the garden for toy fish to play with.  Water goes in pots and waters the plants.  Lots of colourful lights to make the garden look happy.  This garden would make me happy"

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