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This Pocket Garden is based on the 2021 Year of Coasts and Waters theme, particularly sustainable energy like the Glenlyon hydroelectric dams and the lovely river that flows through the glen. There is a greenhouse made from CD cases, and a water feature that feeds a bird bath.

Garden poem

Bird bath with marbles

Beautiful blue flowers

Every Pocket Garden tells a story.  Here is the story of Glenlyon Primary School's Pocket Garden in their own words:

"Hello we are Glenlyon Primary School and Nursery and this year we decided to enter Keep Scotland Beautiful's sixth annual Pocket Garden design competition.  We chose the 2021 Year of Coasts and Waters theme.  We looked at the water through Glenlyon from the Hydroelectric dam to the beautiful Roman bridge. 

We made our initial design in March and have been working with a mentor to plan our garden.  The aim is that the garden will contain lots of eco projects and be super wildlife friendly for birds, bees, butterflies and bugs.

We are also tying in the garden with a water theme.  Based around sustainable energy like the Glenlyon hydroelectric dams and the lovely river that flows through the glen.

It snowed in May so a bubble wrap fleece was required to keep the cold away!  We lost quite a few seedlings to had to repot.

We are making sure that everything is locally sourced, seasonal, organic and we have tried to reuse things within the project.

The bird bath is fed by pipes on the wall. This will feed the bath and the potatoes, and the hanging garden with flowers to attract the bees and wasps.  The steps are for nesting birds and red squirrels from our local area.  The wheel will spin - it is like the hydro electric dam up at the top of the Glen.  It will make a small lightbulb light to show how important energy is.

The garden has a fungi bird feeder.  Pink roses around the pond, red roses in pots and lollipop sticks to make fendcine - celebrating my dad's job as a fencer.  Papa's tulips around the garden and mint for making our own mint ice cream!  There will be a path down the middle and a pond for birds and frogs, and a bridge to represent the Roman bridge in our Glen.  Hopefully we will over time get lily pads as well. 

We are also going to have a push and slide door greenhouse made out of recycled CD cases.  There will be a water butt filling up from pipes and a pond below. The greenhouse will have hangers for trowels, tools and equipment.  There will be troughs for vegetables and over hangers on the outside for plants.  The gutters will fill up the pond and maybe a water butt, hopefully made out of bamboo that we have spare in the garden. 

We are so proud of our final garden!"

Greenhouse made from CD cases and water feature that feeds the bird bath made from reused milk bottles

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