Castlebrae Community High School

This Pocket Garden was built by pupils at Castlebrae Community High School.  It is full of beautiful artwork including canvas paintings of wildlife and flowers, painted rocks and a mosaic made from broken crockery. Can you find the Minions?

Minions made of painted stones

Small painted canvases


Every Pocket Garden tells a story.  Here is the story of this Pocket Garden told by pupils:

"We are a group of S1s and S2s from Castlebrae Community High School in Edinburgh. The four foundations of our school are focus, respect, perseverance and integrity which we will bring to this competition.

We would build this planter ourselves and we could use the wood from planters in school that are empty at the moment. We could include a water feature and build our hedgehog highway into the bottom.

When we throw away plastic it ends up in the oceans. This harms the fish and birds. It would be nice if we could recycle the plastic to support nature instead. Especially if your wellies are too small it is a waste to through them away!

We researched the foods that birds, like Robins and Sparrows, enjoy to eat. In our garden we would have a bird house where they could be safe and fed.

We will include a hedgehog highway in our garden. This is to stop hedgehogs being hit on the roads.

Gardens are important homes for our insects. Bees are at risk of dying out and so we should include habitats for them in our garden. We would also include and worm hotels to show their hidden lives under the ground.

We will use recycled material for our flower beds. To recreate our Scottish landscapes we will be using Scottish wildflowers and representing the water cycle through our mountains and rivers."

Mosaic of school initials made from broken crockery

Have a look at this presentation made by pupils to describe the process of building their Pocket Garden and the collages of photos that inspired them.

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