Bishopton Primary School

Hello and welcome to the Rainbow Beach garden!

Greatly inspired by sustainability, mental health and our NHS during the global pandemic, our garden features a variety of local edible plants and flowers and is perfect to brighten up our school playground.

We wanted a rainbow theme as we love cheerful colours and thought if we themed our growing around this, then our garden would look joyful and make passers-by smile.

During our time at school this year we have learned a lot about sustainability and the Global Goals. We studied food miles, charted the journeys of our favourite snacks and discovered the massive carbon footprint that buying from abroad leaves on our planet. We decided that the way forward in terms of food was to think global but act local.

We designed our garden with local produce in mind and wanted to try and grow some plants and flowers that we could get in our local community. With some help from our friends at the Good Shepherd Centre, we were able to grow some edible plants. We shouldn’t have any problems keeping them watered with our Scottish weather! Our flowers have shot up and add a lovely touch too.

Preparing for planting

Planting the garden

Time for decorating

Adding white stones and some shells from the beach gave the finishing touches to our garden and we are so proud of it.

We had so much fun designing, building, painting, planting and decorating Rainbow Beach garden and are delighted that we have the opportunity to share it with everyone. We hope you love it as much as we do! Designed by Isla and Chloe – built by Primary 7.

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