Arnhall Day Nursery

This garden was built by the children at Arnhall Day Nursery and is a haven for birds and bugs.  The garden building process was thoroughly enjoyed with the children who were heavily involved.  Can you spot the dragonfly?

Messages from children

Bug hotel

Wishing well

Every Pocket Garden tells a story.  Here's the story of Arnhall Day Nursery's garden from one of the Early Years Practitioners:

"Our handy man built our frame from old wood we had at nursery and the children built the forest by talking walks to the forest to collect sticks. The bird box was built by the nursery children and for a few months the children have been making bird feeders out of their hauled oranges, so they have made more for our garden which have had to be refilled already as the bird have been eating from them.

The children have been caring for the flowers in the poly tunnel until they were ready to be planted in the display.

The children have used a range of tools to create the different insects that represent each playroom at Arnhall. The bees are pasta and pipe cleaners, and the ladybirds are made of wooden spoons. We made the butterflies from foam shapes and lolly pop sticks from the art area and the dragonfly is made from a whisk from the kitchen. The grasshoppers are made from pegs and pipe cleaners.

The building process is documented in photos and messages along the bottom of the garden.


Wooden spoon ladybird

Pasta bees

Clothespeg grasshopper

Foam butterflies

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