Corsehill Primary School

This Pop Up Garden is a luxury hotel for wildlife with a roof garden on top of a giant bug hotel full of cosy places for insects to live.  There's also a pond beside the bug hotel that is filled by a funnel for gathering rain water. 

Garden creator Jamieson Campbell says: "This is my Pop Up Garden "Aqua Hotel". It is a 5 water drop rated hotel for minibeasts, amphibians,  and small mammals.

There are lots of floors and nooks and crannies to hide and sleep in if you are small. 

The roof garden is made up of plants from my garden,  including nettle and cow parsley and wild garlic. The nettles are sore but the flowers are beautiful and the bees love them.

There is a funnel to collect water for the pool which is easy for creatures to get in and out of.

Everything it was built with has been taken from our garden  like old pallets my dad had, an old fat ball tub for the pool, a bit of hose for the flume, and my mums old under bed container.

The floors are stuffed with old plates and bowls for amphibians to hide under, hay, bricks, pine cones, old drain pipes, twigs and sticks and bamboo.  The squirrels have been digging up the roof garden!"

The Aqua Hotel

Water collecting device

Bug hotel detail

Plants in! Now the bug hotel...

Taking shape

This Pop Up Garden is a Coast and Water Garden.  Water is part of our working and industrial heritage from the fishing fleet to the canal transport network, aquaducts, bridges, and the power generated by water mills and modern hydro-electric systems.  Water links the natural world to the heart of our cities.

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