Renfrew High School

A geometric design featuring triangular islands and small canals of shallow water, reminiscent of the paradise or Mughal gardens of the middle east

The strong geometric design threaded with channels of water reminds us of Islamic paradise gardens that were a respite from the heat and desert.  Fruits, flowers and vegetables provide colour and scent. Imagine the soft rippling sound of water and relax.

Space for pollinators

Spot the pug!

This garden starts with a base made from reclaimed pallet wood, and a trellis for a backdrop. Plants are arranged in small triangles within the triangular shape of the garden base. We can see flowers for pollinators as well as Rosemary and Fennel for people. If you look closely you can spot a pug hiding in the plants!  There's a bug hotel hanging on the back of the garden as well as a bucket for catching rainwater that tips when it gets full.

At Gardening Scotland

Setting up

Building the garden

This Pocket Garden is a Drought Resistant Garden. Scotland’s trend towards drier summers means that our plants may get thirsty.  Drought resistant designs look at ways to help the ground hold on to its moisture or feature plants that are adapted to tolerate periods of dry weather through deeper roots or with spiky, hairy or aromatic leaves that help the plant hold on to water. Drought resistant plant lists can be found here.

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