Ardeer Primary School

This garden is growing its own ingredients for a tasty fish supper. There's potatoes for chips, tomatoes for ketchup, onions for pickling and peas! Marram grass like that found on the coast beside the school forms a garden border and wildlife friendly flowers bring the
colours of sun and sea.  

Buckets and spades found on a beach clean decorate the garden and hold plants.  The story of how the garden was built is told in pictures along the side of the base, which is made from reclaimed wood. 

All the plants in this garden can be used to make a tasty fish supper. There's peas for making mushy peas, potatoes grown in the school garden for chips, onions for pickling and tomatoes to make ketchup. 

There are also wildflowers for butterflies and bees that remind pupils of the colours of the coast.

The back of the garden is bordered by Marram grass that will be transplanted at a nearby beach to help prevent erosion of the coastline beside the school. The grass is planted in a fish box that was found on one of many Clean Ups pupils have undertaken along the shore.

Thanks to a donated greenhouse, pupils have been able to start growing their own produce at school for the first time. This garden features their first crop of potatoes.

Reused spades make good labels

Tasty menu

Photos tell the garden's story

This Pocket Garden is a Coastal Garden. With an 18,000km long coastline and more than 790 islands, Scotland has lots of different types of habitat along its shores including the machair - a blend of coastal habitat, people and grazing livestock unique to Scotland and Northern Ireland. Coastal gardens can show the transitions between land and sea, fresh and salt water, calm or stormy seas. As well the machair, you can find sand dunes, mudflats, cliffs, saltmarsh and saline lagoon, each adapted to the challenges of coastal life and strong salty winds. Coastal garden inspiration here

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