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Glenwood's Foodbank is full of food they have grown. The children say, "If you don’t have any food you can come and take some food from this garden". Little ones showing us how to share and build a world with no poverty. Here is Glenwood's Pocket Garden story in their own words.

Please take what you need

At Gardening Scotland

Wellies used as planters

Learning about reusing

At Glenwood we have been learning about Global Goals and the children voted to have a garden where people could pick food if they didn’t have any. They talked about how they would feel if they didn’t have money to buy food and realised they could grow their own food.

The whole nursery came up with different ideas and we voted for the things we thought would be most important for our ‘Glenwood’s Foodbank’.

Our children said:

“We need a scarecrow so the birds don’t eat the seeds and the plants can grow.”

“We used old wood and recycled some material to make a skirt for the scarecrow.”

“I was planting the pumpkins beside the pea patch because they are getting bigger and bigger. If we grow big pumpkins we could give them to people who don’t have any and maybe they could make pumpkin pie.”

“Our plants need lots of water so they grow.”

“We put the wee corn things into the soil and gave them water that we collected in the garden. Now they have grown into green leaves to make corn and then we can make popcorn.”

“We are making the tins into something else and reusing them. We are using the tins to make pots for our plants to grow. That is recycling to stop the planet being smelly.”

“We look at the plants to see how much they are growing and see if they need water.”

Building the base

Checking on the plants

Plants need water

Goal 1: No Poverty

Each Pocket Garden celebrates one of the seventeen Global Goals. The Goals aim to protect our planet and improve the lives of people everywhere. Glenwood Family Centre's garden imagines a world without poverty.

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